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We are a creative firm of Integral Design, Architecture, Urbanism Branding, Art Direction.
Avant-garde professional studio which creatively provides solutions for your space, body and happiness.

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Why we are different

Breaking paradigms, there is another language of forms that embrace aesthetics and artistic composition, today with an infinity of materials or with the same as always, it is possible to achieve … the impossible, … just a little creativity is enough and let dreams come true. Here we achieve that his dream breaks all the schemes and our work is immortalized.

Our Latest Work

-Liquid space that looks to infinity, to the horizon, a space where your creativity will emerge as if by magic. JacoManjáro, a condominium designed for nomads
-Liquid couture
-Pinike…vegan pineapple Leather…. makes cows happy….
-CALLE SON Big band

Our Skills

We are multifaceted and both sides work equally in our brain … doubling the possibility of success in our results.

The solutions to the problems and needs of our clients often require solutions that involve different professions. The extensive background in various areas of design, art, architecture, urban planning, branding, added to the experience, ensures a perfect synergy between the different activities to develop in your project and solutions that only this trajectory can specify.

  • IBRANDING – 90%

From Our Clients

Our clients value our work and creativity
“Talented Colombian integral designer. Macro Architect and Micro Designer, develops with professionalism, propriety and ingenuity between and with all areas of the creative spirit. Afanador is the best example of a thinker outside the box …”
Gustavo Sorzano B

Architecte- Integral Designer-Conceptual Art Master, Innovadores de América

“I know his extraordinary creativity from the Pilot University of Colombia, working with him has been gratifying and fabulous, he is among the best architects I have ever met”
Martha Ruth García

Architecte, ADC Architecture Design & Construction

Jorge Afanador, surprises with his work, excellent handling of spaces, proportions, textures and extensive knowledge of other professions that make a difference and make his work contain that DNA that enchants and lasts over time.
Hernando León De Leon

Architecte, Arquitectura Hernando León

“AFANADOR one of the best new Latin American talents in the world of fashion. He has an extraordinary level and creativity, he is an Architect of the human figure “
Andrés Aquino

Owner Couture Fashion Week New York, Couture Fashion Week

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