AFANADOR, is not only an internationally known fashion firm, it is a successful creative studio that provides design solutions, formal spatial, aesthetic, urban and landscaping.

Art-Industrial Design-Interior Design.Architecture-Urbanism-Landscaping- a wonderful incest in the background of AFANADOR, at your service.

About Us

Architecture and design firm that generates solutions for single-family and collective housing projects, restoration and adaptation of spaces for various projects. His work includes Urban Planning, Landscaping, Interior Design, Furniture Design, hotels, offices, restaurants, parks and bars.


Space renovations

Architectural responses with own research applied to the design of lamps, architectural elements and interior furniture. The development of the architectural details and the lighting of the spaces are addressed from the beginning of each project and constitute the conceptual ideal that makes the architecture of this firm stand out.

Urbanism-Master plan

The Design and regulation of the uses of space in the physical form, economic functions and social impacts of the urban environment and the location of the different activities within it. For urban planning we use engineering, architecture, landscape, ecology and the social environment. We assume this amalgamation as an effort to deliver solutions for the present and for the future. The city is a living organism and as such we try to adapt to it, in open spaces (“totally new terrain”) and the revitalization of the existing parts of the city.

BALIHOM Tropical Architecture

We are specialists in beach projects, visit our portal Click on the image and you will find the high-end prefabricated solution to make your dream come true in the blink of an eye.
The best of Bali in Costa Rica


Digital Nomads: Your work study here. A condo designed for digital nomads. Jaco close to all the best tourist attractions that Costa Rica offers.
Fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean and at sunset. The green mountains open the scene of sunrise.
Private club with all services, gym, Turkish bath, sauna, laundry, 25 meter long swimming pool, squash court, supermarket on the first floor.

Nature, view, confort, exclusivity

The privilege of transparency towards infinity

Horizon room

We are ready to satisfy your illusions with a magical space that will close your friendship with us forever. You will always be grateful to have trusted our taste and professionalism.
Your home made to measure with our ceatividad.